Real Estate

real estateHome seekers have a limited budget to spend on buying a home. In a bad economy plus hefty brokerage fee makes the situation hard on everyone. In such a scenario, you have to make your home appealing for potential home buyers in order to get a high value for your property. The best way to achieve this is first to look at your property from the buyer’s perspective. Ask yourself the important question, “Would I buy this property at the price tag I have set if I came here to buy? If the answer in your mind is no, then look at the weak points of your property and make it stand out to buyers. Here I will discuss home staging tips that will help homes sell more at high value.

Home staging tips that will help sell your property for more

Get your home efficiently cleaned

Get your windows properly cleaned in and out. Genuinely clean the mirrors, polish the floor, wood, remove cobwebs, and thoroughly clean the kitchen appliances. Clean everything in your home. You can hire a professional cleaning company to clean your home. Ensure that you do away with all the offensive odors and use high-quality fresheners to create a pleasant aroma.

Give your home a spacious look

Eliminate some extra furniture from your home to give it a brighter and larger look. Here you can apply the 50 percent rule that can help you do away with the clutter in your property. Clutter makes your home look smaller and disorganized. Clutter –free homes can be sold quickly at a high value.

Make your home energy efficient

roomMost buyers will pay extra attention to the energy efficiency of you home. Consider investing in energy efficiency as such home will attract high prices. Your investment will be worth the price you will sell the property. Go green by installing low-emissivity energy start-rated windows, solar systems, dual-flush toilets, programmable thermostats, home automation systems, and cellulose insulation to minimize health loss when using geysers.

Set out your bathroom and kitchen

Home buyers pay keen attention to the bathroom and kitchen. A good looking bathroom and kitchen can add value to your property. The kitchen, in particular, is the heart of every home. Make sure that that you revamp it with all new cabinets and paint the kitchen in warm colors. Update all the hardware in your kitchen such as the cabinet doorknob, microwave, and fridge. You can also swap out an old item, such as an outdated, stained sink or microwave for a new stainless steel model.