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Hacks To Get Affordable Car Insurance

By   23/07/2016

accidentCar insurance is a must have cost in your budget as it is mandatory by law. You can, however, reduce the cost of your automobile premiums by utilizing the following helpful strategies that will enable you to put money back into your pocket.

Strategies on how to get affordable car insurance

1. Buy a car that attracts lower premiums

carWhen buying a car, there are a lot of things that you need to consider including the initial cost, maintenance, and insurance price. Experts argue that even if you pay extra bucks, you can easily make up that amount with reduced price of insuring. In general, avoid high-performance cars such as Corvettes and Porsches. Whereas they are good cars, they can cost you to insure. Exotic cars with pure aluminum bodies that are expensive to fix also attract high premiums from insurers that you will end up paying double the cost of insuring less expensive vehicles.

2. Choose a higher deductible and save your money

Are you aware that you can save up to 10% or more on automobile insurance by just raising the deductible? The most efficient way to save and get adequate coverage is through this method. Save by considering a deductible of $1k; this will drastically lower your premiums and enable you to save more money.

3. Drive less and enjoy cheaper premiums

Premiums rates are calculated based on the risk of getting involved in an accident. The lesser you drive, the lesser you are exposed to the possibility of a crash. On the contrary, the more you drive, the more you are likely to get involved in a crash. You can enjoy 10 percent or even more by driving less than 1,000 miles per month. This may dictate some lifestyle changes, like hooking up with ride-sharing services like Lyft to work or not taking many long drives. This will enable you to save a lot on insurance coverage each year.

4. Combine all your cars and properties together with one insurance provider

carThis is probably one of the best car insurance tips. Bundling all you cars and home together with one insurer makes sense for quite some reasons. The first being that you will enjoy discounts of up to 10 percent or more. Secondly, you will save much of your time by dealing with one insurer and one bill. Having your insurance made easy will make your life easier also and make the process of claiming even faster.

5. Utilize the internet to get the best rates

Do you know you can find the best insurance rates online? This is true because insurers know that people commence their buying process online. Through online platforms, you can even get full credit for any discounts you qualify for like a good driver or military.