Tips for Perfect Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken is quite common during summer cooking. Whether it is a simple dinner or a barbecue blowout, you can put some pieces onto the grill. You can learn more at These are some of the tips to help you get a perfectly grilled chicken each time.

Get Right Cut of Chicken

First, you need to decide the part of the chicken you want to pick. Maybe you have a lot of time to grill, or it is a dinner that should happen in 20 minutes. You should note that larger cuts or whole chicken will take longer to cook. It is advisable to stick with boneless and consider cutting it into small pieces so that cooking can happen quite quickly.

Since skinless, boneless chicken breasts are tricky to grill because of their shape, you should spend adequate time pounding them to make them thinner. This is necessary to reduce the cooking time and to ensure you end up with evenly cooked meat.

Butterfly Whole Chickens

The truth is that grilling whole chickens are quite impressive. Also, you want to appease both dark and white meat-eaters; these are perfect. However, you need to note that they take a lot of time to cook, and it can take practice to curve some nicely. Other than this speeding up the grilling time, the chicken is easier to carve and cooks evenly.

cooked chicken wings

Add Flavor Before Grilling

The good thing about grilling is putting it on the grill and enjoying your drink as it cooks. It is advisable to take some time to inject your favorite flavors into the chicken before grilling. In this way, you can add some flavor. Moreover, you can try a rub, marinade, or brine.

Prep Your Grill Properly

Just like any of your kitchen appliances, the grill ought to be cleaned, prepped, and maintained to work efficiently and properly. If you want a grilled chicken, ensure you have adequate fuel and rub some little oil onto grates before cooking. In this way, you can be sure that your chicken does not stick.

Avoid High Heat

You should note that chicken is not a burger or steak, where you need a lot of heat to sear. Although it needs to be cooked thoroughly, you do not want its skin to burn. Therefore, you should cook it over medium and indirect heat.

Cover the Grill

It is unfortunate that most people do not cover food when grilling. Other than losing heat, your food will take longer to cook. In fact, a covered grill creates a sealed, oven-like environment that surrounds the food on all sides.