Why You Should Drink Beer

By   21/01/2018

Beer is one of the most consumed drink in the entire world. Many people love it and consume it whenever they wish to relax or feel good. With moderate consumption of the brands available at Craft Beer online kaufen, beer can actually be good for you. It has many advantages, contrary to what many may tend to believe, including health benefits. The main idea is to consume moderately, as the abuse of alcohol can be dangerous. Below are some of the top reasons as to why you should drink beer.

Top reasons for drinking beer

Reduces risk of heart diseases

Studies show that individuals who consume recommended amounts of drinking beerbeer on a regular basis have fewer chances of getting heart disease. This can be explained scientifically as the natural antioxidants from beer known as phenols, contribute to better heart health. Remember to consume only the recommended amounts as excess consumption can reverse the effect and increase the chances of heart problems.

Helps in the prevention of kidney stones

You can reduce the chances of developing kidney stones by up to 40 percent by simply consuming beer on a regular basis. The water content in beer, usually about 93%, helps to flush out toxins that might be harmful to your body and ensure that your kidneys wok properly. Calcium release from bones is also slowed down by the compounds in hops that are used in brewing. This, in turn, ensures that the lost calcium does not build up in the kidneys as stones.

Management of blood pressure

Surprisingly, beer can be a great tool to use for managing your blood pressure. This is more of the case for women aged between 25 years and 40 years. There have been reliable studies that show women in this category have lower chances of developing high blood pressure if they consume beer moderately, in comparison to women who drink other alcoholic beverages.

It can reduce cholesterol levels

drinking beerHigh cholesterol levels in the body can lead to many health problems. You can reduce the levels of cholesterol in an unorthodox way by simply consuming beer moderately. This is made possible by beta-glucans, a type of soluble fiber that is found in the barley used to brew beer. Beta-glucans are known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.

Minimizes risk of cancer

Xanthohumol is an important antioxidant that is contained in beer, known to have very powerful anti-cancer properties. The antioxidant can help fend off the enzymes that cause cancer in the body. This gives you every reason to enjoy your favorite brand responsibly.