How To Buy The Best Vape Juice

By   21/01/2018

If you are just entering into the world of paving embrace yourself to be overwhelmed by the number of countless vape juices to choose from. It is going to be a tough call to settle on the best juice, and you will need help with that. Which of them is the right one for your setup?

What to go for when buying the best vape juice

Go for reputable brands

As we began saying, there are hundreds of vaping jvape juiceuices out there. But not all of them are great for your setup. There are counterfeits, and you need to be aware. To avoid getting into the trap of buying poor quality e-juices, it is always advisable that you buy from reputable brands. These have already made a name and are too careful not to taint it. They have experience in making the juice, so there is nothing much to worry about quality.

Ratio of ingredients

A typical vaping juice is made up of 4 components. They are nicotine, vegetable glycerin (VG), added flavor and propylene glycol (PG). But there is the difference regarding the ratio of ingredients. There are juices that have more of PG than VG and vice versa, while others have them in a 50-50 ratio. For beginners, it is best to try the ones with an equal ratio. But once you establish your vaping preference you can decide what to have more.

Get recommendations from a friend

If you are new to paving making the right choice may be hard. Finding a friend who has been in vaping will be so helpful towards buying the best vape juice.

PG versus VG

It all comfruites down to your preference in what you want in your e-liquid. There are those who will have more PG and less VG while others will have it the other way round. But what does it mean to have one more than the other? With more PG you will get a high throat hit while with more VG you will have a lesser throat hit. You can experiment with both ways to know what suits you best.

Nicotine versus Flavor

If you want more of flavor in your liquid, then it means more VG. For less of flavor, you will have to go for more PG. The amount of nicotine is still down to your preference. You can have more or less depending on how strong you want your juice to be. But it is always good to be moderate with the nicotine.