The Delicacies Of Netherlands

By   30/09/2016

Rotterdam to be precise is one of the best cities anyone would like to visit at one time in the lives. The southern Holland city is known for its hospitable people. The restaurants are clean and well managed serving both local and continental cuisines. Netherlands is proud of the city for this. To break it down let us look at what Netherlands can offer from morning to evening.

Mouth watering breakfast

Breakfast is food for a hungry mouth after a long sleep. The Dutch just knowbreakfast
how to take care of that. Their favorite breakfast will consist of bagel. This is a break with delicious toppings ranging from vegetables to cheese and meats. It is so popular that almost every restaurant will offer this. The breakfast will also consist of coffee, and the most famous coffee is koffie verkeerd. It comes in an enormous mug that will leave someone feeling ready for the day. It will not be complete without fresh juice from the carefully grown fruits. Naturally sweet, naturally refreshing.

The wonderful lunch

Sandwiches are popular as they are quick to fix for busy people. However, that does not mean anything is compromised. In any case, they offer some of the best sandwiches ever. The fillings are generous with eggs, cheeses, capers and vegetables. Other common lunch dishes are the yummy soups. They come rich with cream and can be eaten with bread. Soups are usually served during the cold season to warm people during the day. Drinks to accompany daytime meals are served as per preference. They range from fresh juices to sodas and water.

The dinner

dinnerIt is common to have dinner served from 6 P.M. This means that the dinner is slow and elaborate. It comes from starters to deserts. The most common starters are the soups and salads. The main meals are mostly meat products with accompaniments and a lot of vegetables. Fish is also very popular in their cuisine. It is served with potatoes which are a traditional accompaniment. For most who do not like complication, the rustic Dutch cuisine will just amaze you.


Snacks are served throughout the day. If you did not taste bitterballen, then you were not in Netherlands. It’s a common snack of deep fried balls filled with béchamel sauce and beef. Other snacks that are served include French fries and various types of sweet cakes. The cakes go well with tea and the Dutch love mint tea. You will also love the mint tea.