Tips For Selling Art Online

By   04/02/2017

The online market is a great place to sell your artwork. It exposes you to a lot of options that will ultimately lead to more sales and higher profits. The work involved, however, is not that easy. Many aspects need to be covered and might be quite challenging especially for those who are inexperienced.  Below are some great tips that you can use to ensure that you get the most selling your artwork via e-commerce websites.

Handy tips to help with selling art online

Social media

Social media has in the recent times proven to be a force to reckon with selling artregarding online marketing. It has the power to bring huge traffic to your art products and consequently improve your sales. Try to be active on social media as much as you possibly can. Keep all your fans and friends up to date with your latest products and make them as interesting as possible aiming at a possibility of going viral.


Make sure that the site hosting your artwork is optimized to your specific goals. The optimization should include the appearance of the website and user experience as well as the technical aspect such as for search engines. Ensure that the surfer can access all your work without much hassle and that the display is attractive to the eyes. The site design should incorporate your brand in a way that it will give you an identity.

artQuality work

When it comes to art, nothing will help you make sales more than high quality and unique work. Ensure that you give your best in your work and upload only the artwork that you think is great. A general rule to keep you in check is not to include in your online gallery anything that you wouldn’t buy yourself if you had money and opportunity to buy it.


You need to include great descriptive articles on the site to help your clients understand more about what they will buy. Start with a description of yourself, stating your reasons for doing your art to make the potential customers more attached to you and your artwork. Ensure that you give a detailed description to all your art items as well. Knowing everything about a particular art item will help clients get a personal attachment to that particular item, meaning that they will value and appreciate it a lot more.