What to look for in the best adventure motorcycle jacket

By   04/11/2016

Choosing the ideal adventure motorcycle jacket is no mean feat. You have to strike a delicate balance between riding on the street and off the road. While the gear should be solid, it can be difficult to choose the most appropriate one while balancing features like ventilation, and other utility features like pockets.

Below we explore on what to look for in the best motorcycle jacket:


The fabric should be suitable for both the street and off road terrain. It should be able to withstand crashes and dirt. For street riders, the speed is quite high. Riding becomes more technical off road with slower speeds and with nature throwing its elements at you. The fabric you choose should be sturdy, yet possible to repair or sew, in the event of a crash.

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Pockets and cargo areas

You are likely to carry your wallet, maps, cell phone, map or other gear in pockets or cargo areas. These need to be sturdy and well protected, keeping your devices intact, in case of an impact. Ideally, a good jacket should have four large, easy to use pockets.


Built-in armor comes in handy to protect you, should you crash. Bigger armor is better. Adjusters help to secure the armor. The shoulder area needs to be properly shaped to ensure that the jacket does not bind. The built-in armor should be loose enough to allow you to wear body armor underneath if you need it.


You need to stay dry as you explore different terrain. It is advisable to get a wind and waterproof jacket. Gore-Tex will keep you dry. You can also choose one with a water resistant shell and waterproof liners.


For street riding, your jacket needs to seal up against the air. This calls for adjustments to ensure that the fit remains snug. The collar and zipper flap also need to be well designed. When you get to the rougher, off-road terrain, you need big vents for airflow and a looser cut in your body. This is the only way to keep the air flowing, and not trapped in your jacket.


A summary of what to look for in the best adventure motorcycle jacket:

  • Sturdy fabric (you can sew or repair it in the event of a crash)
  • Large vents
  • Removable sleeves (a removable collar may also come in handy)
  • Weatherproof
  • Utility features, for instance, pockets and cargo areas
All in all

You now have an idea of what to look for in the best adventure motorcycle jacket. Riding off road is strenuous and technical. You need a strong jacket to protect you from nature’s elements. If you crash, you need to be safe too. The jacket should be sturdy, have handy features and be repairable. Go to http://bestmotorbikejackets.com/adventure and take a look at the jackets that can provide you with hardcore protection.